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Shakespeare in Song
Charles Bruffy - Pheonix Bach Choir
Recorded on Chandos Records (CHSA 5031) ©2004
playing time 55:52

Selected Movements from Shakespeare Songs (14:15)
1. Hark! hark! the lark (Book I No. 1) listen
2. Tell me where is fancy bred (Book II No. 2) listen
3. I shall no more to sea (Book V No. 1)
4. When that I was a tiny little boy (Book V No. 4) listen
5. It was a lover and his lass (Book III No. 1) listen
6. O mistress mine! (Book III No. 4) listen
7. When daffodils begin to peer (Book IV No. 3) listen

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Amazon UK, August 2004

“An absolute must.”
American Record Guide, March/April 2005

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American Journey
Poetry and Song in the Twentieth Century
New Amsterdam Singers
Recorded on Albany Records (TROY 108) ©1993
playing time 71:43

Selected Movements from Shakespeare Songs
14. Who Is Silvia? listen
15. Take, O take Those Lips Away listen
16. Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred
17. It Was a Lover and his Lass
18. You Spotted Snakes
19. Sigh No More, Ladies
20. O Mistress Mine

No. 2 on “The Want List”
Fanfare Magazine, 1994

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Shall I Compare Thee? New Release!
Chicago a cappella

Selected Movements from Shakespeare Songs
7. It Was a Lover and his Lass
8. Take, O Take Those Lips Away
9. Who is Silvia?
10. And Will A’Not Come Again?

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